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  • Automatic Trip Extension

    21/06/2021 05:08 PM | Category: Travel Insurance,

    This cover under travel insurance allows automatic extension of cover in case of unexpected extended days of travel.

  • Missed Flight Connection

    21/06/2021 05:06 PM | Category: Travel Insurance,

    This cover under a travel insurance policy pays for the additional accommodation and travel in case you miss a planned connecting flight.

  • University Insolvency

    21/06/2021 05:04 PM | Category: Travel Insurance,

    University Insolvency cover is a part of a student travel insurance to support the additional expenses, accommodation and return fare in case of insolvency of the university where insured got admission

  • Sponsor Protection

    21/06/2021 05:01 PM | Category: Travel Insurance,

    Sponsor Protection is usually a cover under Student travel insurance to cover the balance course fee in case of death of the sponsor. The insurance policy will pay the balance course fee to enable the student to complete the education.

  • Study Interruption Cover

    21/06/2021 04:58 PM | Category: Travel Insurance,

    Study interruption is usually provided under Student Travel Insurance for compensating the Tuition fees for a semester missed due to hospitalisation greater than specified days or death of an immediate family member due to accidental injury.

  • Cover for Loss of Documents

    21/06/2021 04:54 PM | Category: Travel Insurance,

    This covers compensates for any instance of loss of passport or international driving license, etc., under travel insurance.

  • Personal Liability Cover

    21/06/2021 04:51 PM | Category: General, Travel Insurance,

    This cover in travel insurance will take care of any compensation towards property damage or bodily injury to any third party and legal expenses related to any such liability arising on you during your travel.

  • Hijack Distress Allowance

    18/06/2021 10:08 PM | Category: General,

    Under this cover in travel insurance, specified amounts of daily allowances will be reimbursed in case of hijack of the aircraft/ship in which you travel.

  • Delay / Loss of Baggage

    18/06/2021 10:02 PM | Category: Travel Insurance,

    This cover under travel insurance indemnifies the loss of your checked-in baggage or pays a specified amount in case of delay in receipt of the checked-in baggage.

  • Trip related covers

    18/06/2021 09:59 PM | Category: Travel Insurance,

    Your travel insurance usually covers trip delays, trip interruptions and trip cancellations. The policy will reimburse the additional costs of transportation, travel, boarding, lodging, non-refundable portion of the tickets, etc. as specified in the respective plans.